Property Management Services

Effective Property Management Doesn't Cost -- It pays!

At Badlands Property Management, our goal is to help you: maximize your profits, minimize vacancies, protect your investment, and eliminate the stresses and risks of property management.  Following are just a few of the services we offer:


  • Advertise available properties -- local MLS, realtors, the National syndication to internet sites and signage.
  • Carefully screen tenants through researching and verifying prior and current landlords, employers, and credit bureaus.


  • With over 40 years of living in the community, we have a collective list of qualified contractors to cover maintenance and repairs.
  • We solicit competitive bids on major repairs.
  • We are owned by Hometown Real Estate, LLC and under direction of a Supervising Real Estate Broker with 16 years of experience, and the office is staffed with 6 total brokers and agents. Which utlimately means we have knowledge and education at hand.


  • Collection of monthly rents when due.
  • Original invoices included with monthly statements.
  • Checks and monthly statements mailed on or before the 20th of each month (direct deposit available).
  • Year-end account summary provided.


  • During vacancies, clients updated weekly through phone calls or e-mail.
  • Written bids sent for prior authorization on improvements.
  • Phone calls or e-mails returned within one business day.

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We'll Help You:
"Maximize Your Profits"
"Protect Your Investment!"