Maki Chapel
License #:RRE-RBS-LIC-47294
1720 Main Street
Miles City, MT 59301
Mobile: (406) 853-1848

Hello everyone my name is McKenzie Dowse, but most of you will know me as Maki. I was raised in Miles City and spent most of my childhood playing outside and spending my time with my siblings and best friend Johanna. I am the oldest of 4 children and my sisters and brother mean the world to me. They are not only family, but they are my best friends!

Here is a picture of all of us! Harley is a sophomore in college at MSU, Patrick is a High School senior, there is ME, and Jesse works in the Ag Business field as well as starting/running her own small herd of cattle.

I have a Borgi (Border Collie x Corgi mix) named Ace. He is kind of a maniac but has a lot of personality and compassion all wrapped up in one little body. I also have a milk cow named Tillie May, who had her first calf this year name Wednesday. I love animals (except snakes and birds... ewwww!) and have always been interest in learning about them.

Most of my favorite things to do involve the outdoors. I enjoy camping, boating, hunting, and fishing. I look forward to summer weekends at Fort Peck Lake and spending my days out on the water. I am a firm believer that the water can calm a person, help wash away worries, and that being in nature is good for the soul.

I long to travel to places I have never been. I have an adventure streak in my body that enjoys the open road, and learning things along the way. Some of my favorite trips have been to Arkansas where I got to see Mount Nebo, learn about Nuclear One and go mining for diamonds. Here I am on Mount Nebo!

I also went on a trip with my boyfriend and good friends to a motorcycle rally in Laughlin, NV. Along the way I got to visit some really amazing sites like the Four Corners, the Denver Zoo, Hoover Dam, and found this amazing VW Van!

I have also included for your viewing pleasure a picture of me on the "hog", since it was in fact a motorcycle rally!

That pretty much sums me up. I am excited to be starting a new chapter in real estate and look forward to learning new things and meeting all of you!